The new MICROPIEZO has arrived!

Discover next-generation ultrasonics

Mectron has developed MICROPIEZO, the new piezoelectric scaler equipped with innovative features to simplify day-to-day clinical practice. Patients who are more sensitive to pain feel much calmer about the treatments they undergo, which is of enormous benefit to the clinician, too.

arrowUltra-slim ultrasonic handpiece with circular LED light – weighing just 55 g!

arrowMultifunctional: 3 functions with 12 dedicated power settings
– scaling and perio
– endodontic
– prosthetics

arrowExclusive multifunctional touch keyboard with color coding according to the clinical indication selected.

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The ultra-gentle scaling for sensitive patients

The innovative SOFT MODE avoids excessive ultrasound oscillation, allowing a gentle and efficient insert movement.

Results: nearly painless treatment for patients and optimal comfort for clinicians.

Mia Immagine

“In the biofilm era, SOFT MODE is fundamental in periodontal maintenance therapy. Ideal for removing biofilm on adolescent and adult patients. An indispensable support in order to promote oral health of patients.

Prof. Susan Wingrowe, USA

Mia Immagine

“The SOFT MODE of Mectron guarantees all the effectiveness of traditional ultrasound, without the inconvenience of pain for the patient. Total comfort”

Dr. Marie-Eve Bezzina, France

Mia Immagine

“It can be used in all clinical situations, especially in patients with particular sensitivity and in maintenance as well when there is no need to be aggressive. “

Prof. Annamaria Genovesi, Italy

Mia Immagine

“It is more pleasant for the patient. I use it with satisfaction because the treatment is effective and it does not damage the dental tissue. “

Dr. Susanne Graack, Germany

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