the piezoelectric bone cutting technology

Discover the Realized Benefits of PIEZOSURGERY®

PIEZOSURGERY® provides clinicians with superior surgical control, unmatched precision and maximum intraoperative visibility, due to the cavitation effect.

PIEZOSURGERY® promotes improved and accelerated bone healing, minimized blood loss and enhanced safety.

PIEZOSURGERY® is proven to preserve the surrounding dura, nerves and vessels, promoting preservation and sustained integrity of the spinal column.

Improve operational success and clinical outcomes with Mectron!

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Introduce the device and inserts

Mectron’s PIEZOSURGERY® plus and line of inserts provide surgeons with advanced technology and surgical solutions aimed at improving patient outcomes.

The PIEZOSURGERY® plus promotes ease of use and precise handling during osteotomies, with reduced trauma to adjacent soft tissue, improved bone healing, reduced pain, swelling and edema.

PIEZOSURGERY® can be used in a multitude of Neurological & Spine Procedures:

  • Laminotomy, laminectomy, foraminotomy-facetectomy
  • Cervical corpectomy
  • Osteophyte resection-ACD
  • Open door laminoplasty